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Important information for car rentals in Greece

Emergency calls in Greece
Police/ Emergency Rescue Servicet
Roadway repair service
Police for Tourist Emergencies
All of the above telephone numbers may be dialed without an area code and from any telephone within Greece. In the event of an accident we strongly recommend all of our customers in their own interest to contact us first before signing anything locally!

Arrival Details
For entry into Greece you will require a valid passport. Children under 16 years of age must either be included in the passports of their parents or they must have their own passport.
Please contact your local authorities for further information.
Driver's License
Any national driver's license is acceptable. Please note that the driver's license must valid and an original copy must be presented.
Speed Limits
Within city limits the maximum speed limit is 50 km/hr. Outside residential areas the maximum speed limit is 90 - 110 km/hr and on highways and expressways it is 120 km/hr.
Blood Alcohol Limits
0.5 percent blood alcohol is the legal limit.
For motorcycle drivers and for licenses, which have been valid for less than 2 years, it is 0.2 percent.
Tolls are due on certain sections of express highways.
Cell Phones while Driving
Talking on cell phones while driving is only permitted with a handsfree set. Violators must pay an expensive penalty.
Please contact your local authorities for further information.